Our first youth advisory board will be a part of Impact Tulsa, which is a nonprofit dedicated to making sure every student has the opportunity to
thrive in school.

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Teens on Board believes that having a youth board is of significant importance to any non-profit that dedicated to making a substantial difference in their community. Teens are the voices of our future and it is imperative that we involve them in the making of decisions that will impact the society they’ll live in. A teen perspective will provide a non-profit with secular insight into how the mind of our current generation works and what we, as teens, would find most beneficial and effective.
Our cohort is dedicated to helping teen voices become a part of the philanthropic world, and we believe that our project is the solution to this lack of representation. We commit to partnering with nonprofits and engaging in a lasting relationship with them, as we help to guide them through the process of phasing a youth board in as part of their organization. And, as all of us have engaged in months of extensive research into the philanthropic world, we believe that our cohort is the best possible partner for an undertaking such as this.

Creating a youth board and/or phasing one in as part of your nonprofit will help to yield lots of beneficial outcomes for your organization. You will have an immediate and personal access to teen voices in our community, allowing you to make decisions as an organization that you know will benefit the youth most. You will have guaranteed assistance from the youth board in helping to organize certain events, such as fundraisers, drives, or the like. But, most importantly, in adopting a youth board into your organization, you will help to set an example for other non-profits in our Tulsa community, showing them the value and influence a teen perspective can have.



What is teens on board?
Teens on Board is a Cohort of the Youth Philanthropy Initiative. Our goal is to diversify nonprofits by giving teens the opportunity to serve in a leadership position as an advisor to the board of directors. We will group our members into youth boards for each nonprofit.
What is youth philanthropy initiative?
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Why is a youth board beneficial to a non profit?
A teen influence in the philanthropic world gives each organization a diverse perspective. This helps in two ways. First, it gives the nonprofit more of an opportunity to receive grants and financial aid. Second, it adds energy to the board and inherently expands the volunteer demographic, as teens are likely to recruit peers for what they are passionate about and have worked hard to improve.

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Why is a youth board beneficial to the teen?
Many of us at Teens on Board can vouch for the effect that helping others has on a teen’s life, as it catalyzed major growth in ours. We believe in the importance of participating in something that has a direct impact on others, while also learning crucial life skills along the way. Teens who serve on our boards will be given the rare opportunity of having a voice in their community. They will obtain leadership skills through having to organize and present their thoughts, and awareness of how philanthropy functions where they live.
What is a nonprofit?
A nonprofit is an organization that conducts business for the benefit of the general public without shareholders and without a profit motive, per the National Council of Nonprofits. Nonprofits are tax exempt under the Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) as a reward for being a “public charity”.
What is a youth board?
Youth boards fundamentally serve the adult board as both a streamline of youth perspective and a resource for expediting the nonprofit’s progression. The responsibilities of the teen board members are somewhat analogous to those of the adult. However, all final decisions are to be made by the executive board, using the advice presented by its youth counterpart.
Where are our youth boards implemented?
We are currently working to put a youth board in Impact Tulsa, but we will be adding others as we grow. If you are interested in creating a youth board for your organization, we would love to help! Please .